Lee Jackman takes aim at a “toxic frog” 3D target at the lake during the Cariboo Archers Annual 3D Fun Shoot. (Photo submitted)

Lee Jackman takes aim at a “toxic frog” 3D target at the lake during the Cariboo Archers Annual 3D Fun Shoot. (Photo submitted)

Cariboo Archers dominate at annual 3D fun shoot in Williams Lake

Archers from all over were describing the Cariboo Archers Annual 3D Fun Shoot as a great success, according to Al Campsall with Cariboo Archers.

“To put the icing on the cake, a number of Cariboo Archers finished on the podium,” reported Campsall, who himself beat all other male archers not using rangefinders by 19 points..

Just under 80 archers attended from all over the province to attend the event, which the local archers had spent weeks preparing for.

Lee Jackman won the most contested category by a wide margin of 65 points and Melanie McComber outscored a Canadian champion in her category by 28 points, noted Campsall. The Cariboo Archers do boast a stacked team, as Campsall points out, with no other archery club in Canada having ever boasted four Team Canada members competing at World Championships in one year. Cariboo Archers Dan Mobbs, Fred Streleoff, Jessie Mobbs and Al Campsall are all past Team Canada members who made the podium on the weekend.

Cariboo Archer podium results:

Under 13 (U13) Male Compound:

1st – Hudson Huska, 3rd – U13 Male Traditional: 1st – Lucas Trott U15 Male Traditional: 1st – Nikolai Benson

U18 Female Compound: 1st – Lily Fraser

Masters Male Traditional: 3rd – James Benson

Traditional Female: 3rd – Alexis McComber

Masters Traditional Male: 3rd – James Benson

Masters Traditional Female: 1st – Melanie McComber

Longbow Female: 1st – Jessie Mobbs

Longbow Male: 1st – Fred Streleoff, 2nd – Dan Mobbs, 3rd – Ernie Schmid

Fixed Pins Male: 1st Lee Jackman, 2nd – John Walker, 3rd – Ryan Brink

Fixed Pin Female: 2nd – Shayna Van Tine

Known50 Female (using range finders): 1st Maria McKee, 2nd – Cara Fraser

Masters Unlimited: 1st – Al Campsall

A number of these archers above will be heading out to compete in upcoming shoots.

May 20-22 – Traditional Bowhunters of BC 3D – Chase

May 27/28 – Quesnel 3D

June 10/11 – Prince George 3D

June 17/18 – BC 3D Championship in Kamloops

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