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2022 Water Ski Provincials Aug. 20-21 at Cariboo’s Chimney Lake

Pinette family to help host the event as water skiers from across B.C. converge
The lawn was crowded with spectators Saturday afternoon watching the 2018 BC Water Ski Provincials at Chimney Lake. Monica Lamb-Yorsk photo

The Cariboo’s own well-known water skiing family, the Pinettes, will be once again helping host the 2022 B.C. Water Ski Provincials at Chimney Lake, B.C. on Aug. 20 and 21.

The public is invited out to take in the all-day events both days with a concession to help keep fans supplied. The provincials are put on by The Wally World Water Ski Club and Water Ski & Wakeboard B.C. (WSWBC).

Spectators can bring a lawn chair and set up right near the water, with a great view of the jumping ramp, according to Leigh Pinette, one of the organizers and hosts.

Leigh Pinette describes the provincials as a “grassroots” event which provides an opportunity for beginner skiers to see what competitive skiing is all about.

Her family is no stranger to competition in towed water sports, however, as her husband, Parnell Pinette, is a long-time competitive water skier and all five of their children water ski jump. All will be competing in provincials.

“Conley is jumping over 200 feet now,” said Leigh, of her eldest, pointing out how impressive this level of jumping is, making it fun to watch.

She also said her second-eldest Cam is competing in adaptive jumping, taking jumps off of a three-foot ramp now.

Lucas Pinette has two international tournaments coming up, including the Pan Am Games and the Junior Worlds.

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“Which is a huge achievement,” said Leigh.

Water skiing includes three disciplines: slalom, tricks and jump. With slalom usually running first, trick second and jumping as the finale.

Slalom skiers ski between six fixed buoys, trick skiing involves a 175 m course which contestants get two passes through and can perform as many tricks as possible within a specific time.

Ski jumping is described by Water Ski & Wakeboard British Columbia as “the most extreme discipline in classic, three-event skiing.”

The money jump competition on Sunday afternoon will include a minimum of $2,500 in cash prize money up for grabs.

A silent auction will also be taking place in support of the event.

To get there, head for Chimney Lake, follow the signs to the event. Events will get underway at 8 a.m. each day. Sunday afternoon will include the money jump event.

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