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Horsefly fire department knocks down fire with help of nearby road crews

Washed out road made accessing the fire a challenge
Members of the Horsefly Volunteer Fire Department, some seen here during a social distanced meeting, attended a structure fire Wednesday, May 6. (Facebook photo)

Horsefly Volunteer Fire Department crews were called to structure fire Wednesday, May 6, in the Gravel Creek area where the road to the residence had been washed out earlier by spring flooding.

Chief Marc Caron said not being able to take the fire trucks close to the fire was a challenge.

“Members had to pack pumps, hoses, ladders and all other necessary tools over 750 yards, through a creek and up a long driveway,” Caron said. “We were lucky to get this fire knocked down quickly and with limited damage to the home.”

The 911 call for the structure fire came in at 4:38 p.m.

Caron said engine 11, engine 12, rescue 11 and 10 members attended.

“When we arrived at the scene there was visible smoke and flames coming from the roof.”

Some of the road crew working nearby on the road that had been washed out were helping the resident by setting up a two-inch volume pump, he added.

Firefighters immediately started the set up of the wayjax pressure pump while another team was able to knock down the fire with a water and foam fire extinguisher, he said.

They then removed the burning wooden ladder from the tin roof, and a section of the tin that was covering the burnt area and extinguished any remaining hot spots, Caron said.

“All fires have unique challenges, this one was no different,” Caron said. “We would also like to thank the road crew for their help in doing what they could.”

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