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Museum seeks to expand membership

Davana MAHON

Davana MAHON

Special to the Tribune/Advisor

The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin is seeking to expand its membership and is looking for members to join us in preserving the history of the Cariboo Chilcotin.

The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin strives to support and encourage the collection, conservation, and maintenance of heritage property and sites in Williams Lake and the Cariboo Chilcotin. As a history museum, we are a centre for historical, genealogical, and anthropological research. The museum is a non-profit society and by becoming a member, you become a crucial part of preserving the history of the Cariboo Chilcotin and supporting local heritage.

We are seeking members from the Cariboo Chilcotin region who are interested and passionate about supporting the history of Williams Lake and surrounding areas. The museum preserves history from the Cariboo Chilcotin region, while also being home to the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame. We are looking to connect with individuals throughout the Cariboo Chilcotin to join as members to support the preservation of the region’s history and memories. Through reaching out to the many communities in the region, we aspire to serve all communities and provide an accurate representation of their unique histories.

There is an annual membership fee of $10 that is valid from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 each year. As a member, you are taking one step forward in ensuring the museum is here for future generations and visitors to become enriched with the history of the Cariboo Chilcotin. Becoming a member also supports museum growth, bringing new ideas and diverse backgrounds together to support the museum’s direction forward. Members hold voting rights at the annual general meeting and receive a quarterly newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming projects and events.

We are grateful for your support and understand that not everyone is able to commit to volunteering with the organization. However, many members do enjoy volunteering, and with the museum’s many ongoing projects and duties we welcome your assistance and support if you are interested in getting to know the history and culture preserved behind the scenes at the museum.

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Museums are an essential part of each community they represent, and to best provide and serve them, we need your support. Your support will help us represent the history of surrounding communities and their stories, as well as to nurture the relationship with these communities. Your perspectives and participation contribute directly to the rich history and stories we tell through the museum’s exhibitions and programs.

Once a member, it also creates opportunities for you. If you wish, you may join the board of directors to help guide the museum’s goals for the future. Being a director is a rewarding commitment that requires a monthly meeting and occasional support in planning fundraiser events and collections management. Ultimately, the decision is yours on how involved you choose to be as a member or director.

All membership dues go directly back into the museum operations and care for the collection including exhibit development, museum programming, and conservation of the collection.

Are you curious about the museum, what we do, or do you want to sit on the board? More information on the museum can be found at, where we post our newsletter, upcoming exhibits, highlight our collection, and explain our organizational mission.

The museum is located at 1660 Broadway Ave. South on the main and lower levels of the Tourism Discover Centre. Please come by to learn about the museum’s projects and goals, view our exhibits, and ask how you can support the museum. Our upcoming exhibition, “Cariboo Strong: Resilience in the 2017 Wildfires” is opening Nov. 6 both online and at the museum. Please visit our website for more details on the exhibit and associated promotional events.

Please consider joining the museum and becoming a crucial part of preserving local history through the museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin. To join the membership, you can call us at 250-392-7404 or e-mail for a membership form. You can also visit our website at and find a contact form under the “Membership” tab.

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Davana Mahon is the marketing and promotions co-ordinator with the Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin.