WLSA Outdoor Adventure Program back for second season

WLSA Outdoor Adventure Program back for second season

“There are roads all over the place we can explore with some really nice scenery.”

For anyone looking for a scenic tour of the Frost Creek area just off Dog Creek Road, the Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association has got you covered.

Building on a pilot program started last year, the WLSA’s Outdoor Adventure Program is back, led by Wayne Biffert from his property at Frost Creek.

“We want to let the public know we’re open for business,” said Biffert, who also operates the well-known Biff’s Ponds fly fishing destination out of his property in the area. “The conditions in the bush are good enough now that we can start taking people out for rides.”

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This will be the second year of operation for the WLSA’s Outdoor Adventure Program, which started after the association purchased a new Polaris Ranger Crew UTV in 2018 with the help of generous donations from local people and businesses.

The program, while open to anyone, was tailored to cater to anyone with a disability, Biffert said.

“Six or seven years ago the Rick Hansen Foundation donated an Argo to us with the understanding we’d take people out in the bush,” he said. “We’d take them down into the River Valley trail but the road washed out going down there, and we couldn’t take the Argo across the narrow bridges with the trailer.

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From there Biffert started taking people from his place at Biff’s Ponds, however, the Argo wasn’t suited for the rough roads and trails in the area.

“We didn’t have a ton of people [use it] last year, so I want to encourage people to come out,” he said.

“It could be for anyone — especially if they have relatives or friends visiting, people from Europe or out of the country, or whatever, but it’s mainly for mobility-impaired or elderly people to get out in the bush for a tour.”

Biff’s Ponds is located at 2710 Dog Creek Road.

For more information, or to arrange a date and time, contact Biffert at 250-392-7460 or e-mail wbiffert@thelakebc.ca.

“There’s no set time limit,” he said. “Whatever they want to do. If they want to go for 30 minutes, an hour, three hours — there are roads all over the place we can explore with some really nice scenery. They can also do some fishing here at Biff’s Ponds, if they like, and make a day of it. We’ve got a fire pit, a barbecue, and they can bring along whatever and have lunch.”


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