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Third annual ranch rodeo showcases skills

Ten ranch rodeo teams entered the ranch challenge during the Williams Lake Harvest Fair to vie for the title of top ranch rodeo team.
Roberts Ranch participant Ryan Roberts moves a calf across the line to load it in the trailer during the trailer loading. Reg Desmond follows to lend a hand.

Ten ranch rodeo teams entered the ranch challenge during the Williams Lake Harvest Fair to vie for the title of top ranch rodeo team.

Each team consisted of three riders from various ranches throughout the province.

Events included team doctoring where a calf is roped, headed and heeled, before the third rider jumps off his or her horse, throws it down, removes the head rope and applies it to the front feet and ‘doctors’ the animal.

Next, they run to the head and then run back to the horse and climb back on before a time is scored.

Team sorting consists of the riders sorting out numbered cows that are called out to them as they cross the line. They then must sort out cows by the proper number and herd them across the line.

If a wrong cow crosses the line during the sorting the team is disqualified.

Next, the teams are to rope a cow and herd it across the line and into the stock trailer at the end of the arena.

Team branding has a rider rope two different calves by the head while the other rider heels it. The third member, who is on foot, grabs a brand and races to the calf and does the branding.

Pairing out consists of the three riders entering the arena.

Two numbers are called out as the team rides to the end of the arena where the cows are, and proceeds to  pair out two cow/calf pairs across the line.

All of these events represent every day skills the cowboys use in ranch work, in a corral or on the range. Horsemanship skills and cattle sense will help in having a smooth run every time.

Miles Kingdon judged the events, with Bryan Poffenroth announcing throughout the two-day event Sept. 12-13 at the Trail Riders Arena. Brandy Grier and Connie Redl were the timers.

The organizers of the Ranch Challenge would like to thank sponsors and everyone who helped throughout the event.

Winning teams were as follows:

1.) Douglas Lake Ranch Portland Division

2.) Coldstream Ranch (Vernon)

3.) Douglas Lake Ranch Chaperone Division

4.) River Ranch (Riske Creek)

5.) Aspen Valley Ranch (Williams Lake)

6.) Chilco Ranch (Hanceville)

7.) Douglas Lake Ranch (Home Ranch Division)

8.) Woodjam Ranch (Horsefly)

9.) Roberts Ranch (140 Mile)

10.) Chimney Creek Ranch (Williams Lake)

Additionally, the little cowboys were a hit, competing in a dummy roping contest.

Kagen Russell placed first, Kacey Huffman roped second place and Tanner Loring roped to third place.

The stick horse race was won by Kai Pare.