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Taking a stance: Williams Lake teen finds strength in pro wrestling, sees end of cyberbullying

Holly Frost, 15, will make her debut Friday, Nov. 25 in Williams Lake

A 15-year-old girl in Williams Lake who recently started pro wrestling has seen bullying against her come to a full stop.

Holly Frost was born and raised in the lakecity and said the bullying lasted about three years.

“It was mostly cyberbullying … things like that,” she said adding her two older sisters helped her through the tough time.

On Friday, Nov. 25, Holly will make her wrestling debut at the longhouse in Williams Lake during a Monster Pro Wrestling event.

With her ring name Frostbite, she will face off against two older female wrestlers from Edmonton for a triple threat, meaning they will all wrestle until the first pin-fall or submission.

Prior to starting wrestling last June, she was doing kick-boxing with her coach Audrey McLellan.

Audrey asked her to work in the concession at a Monster Pro Wrestling event held in April in Williams Lake.

Watching the event piqued Holly’s interest and Stu McLellan, a pro-wrestler from Williams Lake, invited her to attend a mini camp in Quesnel in June.

At the camp Stu gave an introduction into wrestling.

“It felt good. I loved it,” Holly said, adding she learned the basics of pro wrestling at the camp.

Since then, Stu has taken her to shows in Alberta where he is wrestling and she gets some training while there.

They also were practicing in a ring in his backyard for a few months, up until winter set in.

“We are doing what we can at the boxing gym right now, just to get by until we get a building,” Stu said.

Describing Holly as a natural, Stu noted she has picked the sport up really quickly.

As for the name Frostbite, which of course incorporates her last name, it was something she came up with jokingly while at kick-boxing that has stuck.

Holly has continued kick-boxing and started taking dance last year.

She attends contemporary classes at Dance in Common Dance Studio every Thursday and teaches contemporary on Wednesdays to younger students.

On Oct. 17, Stu, Holly and Sean Dunster, a wrestling coach from Edmonton who goes by the ring name of Massive Damage, made a presentation at Lake City Secondary School Williams Lake Campus.

“Sean does a drugs and alcohol talk and shares how he lost some of his wrestling friends that way,” Stu said.

“Holly did a speech and talked about what she has been doing and about wrestling.”

Looking back to the times she was bullied, Holly encourages anyone going through the same thing to stand up for themselves.

“Don’t create the drama and feed into it - it isn’t worth it.”

She also encourages anyone interested in trying wrestling to come and watch the show Friday night.

Stu said people can contact him on Facebook as well.

Pro wrestling matches tell a story in the ring where each wrestler adds their own flavour, Stu said.

“I’m the bad guy. It’s fun. You really get a reaction out of the crowd.”

A Monster Pro Wrestling event will also take place in Quesnel on Saturday, Nov. 26 at the Friendship Centre and Holly will be there too.

Doors open for both events at 6 p.m. and the shows start at 7 p.m.

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