Soccer: Cariboo-NE ties 2-2 with Vancouver Island-Central Coast

The Cariboo-North East (Zone 8) boys battled Vancouver Island-Central Coast (Zone 6) at the 2012 BC Summer Games.

The Cariboo-North East (Zone 8) boys battled Vancouver Island-Central Coast (Zone 6) to a 2-2 tie in the second day of soccer action at the 2012 BC Summer Games in Surrey on Saturday morning.

Williams Lake athlete Ethan Alexander (11) describes the BC Summer Games as “really fun and enjoyable.”

His team played very well, he said, observing that team members “passed (the ball) a lot.”

“My dad told me about the BC Summer Games and got me involved,” Alexander said.

Alexander, who also plays hockey, exemplifies a high level of sportsmanship and team spirit. “My role model is my team member, Carter,” said Alexander when I asked who he looked to for inspiration.

Despite his youth, Alexander sports an air of maturity and understanding, which is rare in youngsters his age. Moving forward from their game this afternoon, Alexander feels that the team should continue to “pass the ball more and work together even further.”

Though he doesn’t want to pursue soccer as a career, he really enjoys playing with his team and having fun on the pitch.

It’s interesting to note that, like many of the BC Summer Games participants, Alexander knows how to effectively balance his sports with academics.

“If I have homework and soccer on the same day, I finish my homework first and only then do I play soccer,” he said, acknowledging that he also enjoys jumping on the trampoline.

Focussing on their 4 p.m. game today, Alexander says his coach is encouraging players to keep doing what they are doing, and praised them for their hard work and dedication.

On the sidelines, parents continued to do what they do best – cheering for their team while supporting and encouraging the kids.