Liam Lauren

Liam Lauren

Shogun athletes excel at nationals

Shogun Martial Arts Academy Senseis Sheldon Lainchbury and Lee-Ann Lainchbury are proud of their students’ accomplishments.

Shogun Martial Arts Academy Senseis Sheldon Lainchbury and Lee-Ann Lainchbury are proud of their students’ accomplishments from the recent World Karate and Kickboxing Council National Championships in Ottawa.

The local martial arts dojo sent seven competitors to the championships during the May long weekend — Bradley Clearwater, Isaac Lauren, Liam Lauren, Raiden Lainchbury, Macy Lainchbury, Tanna Lauriente and Sensei Katharina Koppe.

“Overall, everyone did well,” Sheldon said. “Some were first-time at nationals. We’ve been training hard and I’m very proud and happy for them.”

Koppe, who has achieved a silver medal at nationals in the past, managed to one-up her best performance by bringing home not one but two gold medals to become the Canadian national champion.

“It was surprising,” Koppe said who, admittedly, puts a lot of pressure on herself before competing. “I went and was not very prepared this year — I decided last minute to go — and that worked in my favour because sometimes my biggest downfall is I get nervous. This time I went with low expectations, so that was better for me personally.”

Koppe won both the women’s 18-34 and the 35-plus continuous fighting divisions at nationals going undefeated in the process.

“She was aggressive and she didn’t back down,” Sheldon said. “She just kept going. She used her reach to her advantage more this year and her cardio stayed pretty constant. She always kept busy.”

Tanna, meanwhile, nabbed a bronze medal in continuous fighting.

“I followed up well with techniques but I need to work on trying to get around kicks more,” Tanna said.

Lee-Ann added Tanna had a difficult draw, facing some tough opponents in her opening matches of the tournament.

“She fought really well, as always, but just had a couple bad draws,” Lee-Ann said.

Also in continuous fighting Raiden placed fifth and was named an alternate for the Canadian National Team at worlds, coming up this year in Dublin, Ireland.

In point fighting Macy won a bronze medal and Tanna picked up fourth — both also making Team Canada. Macy placed sixth last year and third this year, improving three spots.

“I think it’s neat to have moved up from sixth last year to third this year,” she said.

In kata Isaac finished fifth and Liam placed sixth. Isaac was named a first alternate to Team Canada while his brother, Liam, was named a second alternate for the team.

Lee-Ann added the dojo is going to miss having Tanna, her sister, Teagan Lauriente and their mom, Laura-Lee Lauriente, as they will be moving in the near future.

She also said the club is appreciative of all the support they received from the community during their fundraisers leading up to the national championships.