Second mountain bike film festival underway

The second annual Cariboo Mountain Bike Film Festival has been underway for more than two months.

  • Jul. 11, 2014 12:00 p.m.

The second annual Cariboo Mountain Bike Film Festival has been underway for more than two months and Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium members are beginning to hear rumblings of filmers and their crews crafting their submissions.

The CMBC said the film festival’s vision is to bring the arts and mountain biking communities together in celebration of “resilient, inspired and creative communities.”

Last year the CMBC received a modest number of submissions, but screened them to a sold-out audience with more than 170 people in attendance. They said they hope to see more submissions this year as the festival continues to evolve.

Three awards were presented from the submissions, which the CMBC said were amazing, including best action, storyline and composition.

“At the end of the screenings last year all I heard was, ‘man … this is what I’m going to do for my film next year’ so we hope that enthusiasm carries forward into this year’s festival,” said Justin Calof, executive director with the CMBC.

The Cariboo Crew, a group of riders including Dalton Anderson, Ty Feldinger, Connor Runge and Cole Feldinger are featured by filmer Keaton Carruthers in a teaser video of their project, “The Crew Vid,” which has been released on the CMBC website at

Film festival submissions are due Oct. 1 and can be uploaded to Vimeo with a password and shared with the CMBC.

The films will be judged based on three categories: best mountain bike action captured on film, best mountain bike storyline and best film editing and composition.

The judging committee will be comprised of representatives from the Community Arts Council, the CMBC, Williams Lake International Film Club and other professional mountain bike guests.