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The good old hockey game: Rogers Hometown Hockey officially starts today

Plenty to check out today and tomorrow in the downtown core

With plenty of choice, from skating, entertainment, a live broadcast of the hockey game, and more, Rogers Hometown Hockey has closed several downtown streets to make way for the event.

While some of the festivities have already started, like the pep rally held Friday morning, more have yet to happen.

A chunk of Oliver Street from Second Avenue to Mart Street (by the Royal Bank of Canada), as well as sections of Second Avenue and Third Avenue area playing host to the festivities, featuring a variety of events from a main stage to autograph signing and juggling hockey sticks.

In an effort to get more people into the core, extra buses will be running both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, with fares costing a mere $1.

“The buses are to get people moving easily through downtown,” said Deb Radolla, Hometown Hockey event co-ordinator.

Activities downtown will include more of Paz, the hockey circus perfomer, as well as a number of other activities.

Radolla hopes it might be the first time some people in town actually ride the buses.

“We really want to promote how much fun our buses are, how affordable they are, and how you can really usually get from A to B throughout our town.”

Rogers Hometown Hockey will culminate with a live outdoor broadcast of a Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks game. While the two teams will be playing in Montreal, host Ron MacLean and Tara Slone will be doing a live broadcast from downtown Williams Lake.

Come out and check out the good old hockey game:

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Here’s some visuals and video from the Hometown Hockey pep rally held Friday morning, with the schedule below:

Paz, the hockey circus performer prepares to juggle hockey stick from atop a hockey net. You can catch more of him downtown throughout the weekend.
Hometown hockey host Kyle Buttenham sits down with GOAT host, Desisiqi coordinator and the Stampede Queen to talk about Williams Lake and how hockey and sports have influenced their lives
Desnisiqi hockey players talk about how hockey has impacted their lives
Paz makes a joke about the… well, we’ll let you guess which NHL team he’s talking about choking, but he may have gotten a few boos from the audience with this joke. The entertaining hockey show will be around downtown throughout the weekend.