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Pinette brothers excel at Pam American Water Ski Championships

Linden and Lucas both bring home medals
Lucas tricking at the 2022 IWWF Pan American Water Ski Championships. (Johnny Hayward Photography)

Linden and Lucas Pinette are bringing home medals from the 2022 IWWF Pan American Water Ski Championships in Santiago, Chile.

Linden skied for Canada the U14 division while Lucas skied for Canada in the U17 division. Linden, on the Canadian U14 Team, won Team Silver and Lucas, on the Canadian U17 Team, won Team Gold.

Linden skied to personal best performances on the water in all the events. He slalomed .5@14.25m/28off and placed 13th, tricked 2950 points to make the finals and finished 6th, and jumped 36.8m to punch his ticket into the finals and placed 4th. Linden finished in 4th overall in U14 Boys.

Lucas made finals in the tricks and jump events, placing 4th in tricks with a score of 5780 points and winning U17 Boys Jump with a personal best score of 52.5m. After placing 2nd in U17 Boys jump at the 2020 IWWF Pan American Water Ski Championships (held in 2021 due to COVID), Lucas was hungry for that gold medal.

Lucas added another medal to his haul in U17 Boys Overall, placing 2nd. He was joined on the podium with fellow Canadian Teammate, George Malinovski who placed 3rd.

The Pan Am Championships, which took place Nov. 29 – Dec. 3, are held every two years and bring the best of the Pan American Region together.

In just over a month’s time, Lucas will be competing at the 2022 IWWF World U17 Water Ski Championships in Santiago, Chile. A place he has come familiar with this past week.

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