New recreation program supports healthy eating habits

Eating Habit Busting is a brand new program for the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex this fall.

Eating Habit Busting is a brand new program for the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex this fall.

This 12-month program works on the premise that to successfully make lifestyle adjustments you need to change one thing at a time, which allows the body and mind to adjust to each modification.

In this 12-step, 12-month program, you will learn how to lose weight by healthy eating and a sustainable exercise routine. Many weight loss programs demand drastic diet changes and hard to maintain restrictions. This program will focus on gradual monthly adjustments to your diet and exercise program, one baby step at a time.

There will be three motivational lectures and every month tips and advice will be delivered via email and package pick up.  These face-to-face exchanges will be paired with optional weekly weigh-ins and a 12-month Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex membership.

The theory behind the program is that it takes three weeks for the body to accept the modifications you make and the program will encourage only one change per month.  Instead of trying to exercise and diet all at once, the first month will be about focusing on exercising, three times a week.

The second month, the group will track what they eat, each month will have an additional modification.

The first lecture focuses on what is happening in the brain and why it is difficult to resist high fat, high sugar food.

The annual membership can be paid monthly.  The first and last month payment must be paid when you register.

The complex membership includes a full spectrum of Aquafit and dry land fitness classes, the fitness centre, pool, and ice rink.  The annual membership also includes a personal training session with one of our BCRPA certified instructors.

There are three easy ways to register: online at; by phone at 250-398-7665, or in person at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex at 525 Proctor Street.