Cade Enns (front left)

Cade Enns (front left)

Lakecity runners storm BMO Vancouver Marathon

Lakecity runners left a deep footprint on Sunday’s 2014 BMO Vancouver Marathon.

Lakecity runners left a deep footprint on Sunday’s 2014 BMO Vancouver Marathon.

Thirty-two participants from Williams Lake joined more than 16,500 entrants in four events and 90,000 spectators to take part in the race.

Marathon runner Sheldon Manchur posted the city’s top time, crossing the finish line in two hours, 43 minutes and 23 seconds for 21st place overall. He also finished ninth out of 367 runners in the men’s 25- to 29-year-old category.

“I had a great time out there and really tried to enjoy myself,” said Manchur, who recently returned from a six-month marathon training regiment in Iten, Africa.

“The weather was a little cold and it was raining, but I dressed for the occasion with gloves and a long-sleeve shirt. I felt pretty strong for most of the race but, like always, the last 10 kilometres were a struggle and I found myself slowing down more than I would have liked.”

Despite that, Manchur came away with a new personal best with a time he said he’s satisfied with.

Meanwhile 13-year-old Cade Enns was turning heads in the eight-kilometre Teen Challenge.

Enns, who beat Manchur’s longstanding school district track and field record in the 1,000-metre race last year, finished second in the boys 13- to 19-year-old class, posting a time of 31 minutes and 49 seconds. He was also 10th overall out of 567 runners. “I enjoyed this amazing race and all the views and sights it had to offer,” Enns said. “I’m hoping to return next year and have the same level of success.”

After Enns edged Manchur’s track and field record the pair decided to meet up last summer for a little training.

“I was fortunate to be able to watch Sheldon finish his marathon after my run was complete. He’s been a great motivation to me as a runner and I hope to one day be as good as him.”

Manchur, meanwhile, continues to see Enns improve. “Cade absolutely crushed it in his race,” Manchur said. “Placing 10th overall, including adults, is amazing.

“This spring we managed to get one run in together after I returned from Kenya … last year he was already quite fast and this spring I noticed a nice improvement from there. His results from the weekend reflect how fast he’s become.”

The husband and wife duo of Matt Cullum and Amandah Cullum ran the fastest lakecity times in the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon, finishing in one hour, 39 minutes and six seconds and in one hour, 47 minutes and 55 seconds, respectively.

“The run was amazing, as usual,” Amandah said. “Matt and I really enjoy having a passion we share in running and in something that is completely personal to both of us. There are so many accomplishments people have in life that are shared but running goals are such personal accomplishments.” She said she was proud to be part of a large contingent of Williams Lake runners who made the trek.

“It feels so good to be from a community who shares a passion for healthy living on so many levels,” she said.