Terri and Trevor Cameron

Terri and Trevor Cameron

Hlokoff sets sights on road rally gold

Nimpo Lake resident Ted Hlokoff is hoping to race to the gold and is looking for a little support.

  • Jul. 23, 2012 10:00 a.m.

Nimpo Lake resident Ted Hlokoff is hoping to race to the gold and is looking for a little support.

Last September, Hlokoff received the title of having the third fastest car in the Halfmile shootout and third in class in the World’s Fastest Open Road Rally (SSCC) with his supercharged 2001 Viper GTS.

“I didn’t like losing to a 1,000 hp Twin Turbo Viper SRT so I flew to Texas and bought my own Twin Turbo Viper GTS,” Hlokoff says.

Finally finished by May, he and his wife, Deana, loaded the “Beast” into his trailer and headed off to California.

At the Mojave Mile he ran his low boost setting (950 whp) and with his short-geared transmission raced against the world’s fastest production car, a Bugatti Veyron SS.

Costing more than $2.6 million and rated at 1,100 bhp, the Veyron barely broke 201 mph in the standing mile, Hlokoff says.

“The famous race car, big red Camaro, ran 218 mph and Sunday a full race, tube chassis, twin turbo Viper race car showed up and tied the Camaro’s speed with a 218 mph run.  My twin turbo Viper street car, on the lowest power setting and with the airconditioning on, ran 215 mph — third fastest car at the event.”

Two weeks later, he met his navigator in Las Vegas and entered the spring SSCC again. Called the Nevada Open Road Challenge, Hlokoff and Trevor Cameron from Leduc, Alta. ran the Halfmile shootout in Ely at an altitude of 6,500 feet and placed second fastest car at 175.5 mph in the standing Halfmile.

“Unfortunately, my transmission broke the second run,” Hlokoff says.

Now, Hlokoff is looking for sponsors for mile, 1.5 mile, Rally and other high-speed events.  There’s a World Class event next month with about 70 exotic supercars where Hlokoff says he’d like to show off his North American Muscle.

“Although there are a few cars as fast as mine, it seems that they are all C14-race, gas-competition-only cars. With 91 octane gas in my Viper I have no traction with street tires until 140 mph.  I drove this car 4,700 km from Houston, TX. to Canada when I bought it and got 21 mpg.”

Those wanting to help Hlokoff achieve his sponsorship goals can e-mail him at tcatted@lincsat.com.