Williams Lake's Derrick Walters was one of three local golfers who attended a BC Golf regional camp April 14-15 in Surrey.

Williams Lake's Derrick Walters was one of three local golfers who attended a BC Golf regional camp April 14-15 in Surrey.

Golfer spotlight: Derrick Walters

Williams Lake golfer Derrick Walters was recently interviewed by BC Golf.

British Columbia Golf recently caught up with Derrick Walters, a Williams Lake golfer who attended its Regional Camp held at Surrey’s Northview Golf and Country Club from April 14-15.

Walters, a member at the Williams Lake Golf and Tennis Club, made the trip to Surrey with his parents, Cindy and Troy, for the weekend. The regional camps provide training programs to developing players and elite juniors who are on the competitive stream.

The training program seeks to support player development and encourages a successful golfing season for those participants.

Below are some questions asked by Christopher McGrath of BC Golf to help you get to know Walters better and to see what his plans are for the 2012 BC Golf Championship Season.

What is your favourite thing about golfing?

My favourite thing about golf is being able to travel around and play new courses. I think being able to meet new people at the same time is great about the sport. I also really enjoy the fashion of the sport because I can have clothes that I really like. I believe that when I feel good and look good, I play better!

What is your pre-shot routine?

I have a pre-shot routine that consists of one practice swing beside the ball, one practice swing behind the ball, scan the area and pick a target. I then visualize the target for a few seconds before formally addressing the ball. Once I am behind the ball I ‘waggle’ the club twice and commit to whatever shot I visualized.

What is the lowest score you have ever posted?

A 73 at the Williams Lake Golf and Tennis Club.

What BC Golf tournaments are you planning on playing in 2012?

I am looking forward to 2012. I am hoping to qualify for the BC Summer Games behind held at Hazelmere GC. I am also looking forward to trying to qualify for the BC Juvenile Championship being held at Pricneton GC. I also hope the BC High School Championships continue as planned, as I would like to compete in those.

What are your goals for this year? Three years? Five years?

This year my goals are simple — to qualify for my events and to place top 15 in them. In three years time I hope to still be playing in provincial events with BC Golf and in five years I hope to have taken my game to the next level where I can be a part of a university golf program.

What sort of education do you hope to get? U.S. or Canada?

I am really interested in getting a degree in business.

As far as a U.S. or Canadian education it doesn’t matter, as long as I get the opportunity to play on its golf team. It really depends where those opportunities come from.

What area of your game needs improvement to get you to the next level?

My putting needs the most practice — something I hope this regional camp will help me with.

What have you learned at the BC Golf Regional Camp so far?

It has been really great to learn practice tips. The professionals here have helped me with practice tips that I can take home and use on my own. Hopefully these lead to some game improvement.

What are your favourite golfing moments?

I have actually recorded hole-in-ones at both the BC Bantam Championship and the Quesnel Junior Open. Those were both exciting moments I will never forget.

What is your dream golf vacation and your dream foursome?

I would have to say my dream vacation would be to play Augusta National and my dream foursome is with my dad, myself, Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy.