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Cariboo Archers compete in Quesnel

Quesnel shoot one step in ongoing progress for young archer aiming at World Championships

Three Cariboo Archers travelled to Quesnel this past weekend for the Quesnel River Archers’ Field Archery and Target Archery tournament.

The event featured various distances from 20 meters all the way out to 60 meters and various sized targets at each distance.

Target 720’s feature 72 arrows that are shot from 50 meters. Archers all shot the three-by-24 arrow Field event on Saturday and 144 arrows in the double 720 on Sunday.

Since Lily Fraser is attempting to qualify for the Canadian Field team to compete in the 2024 World Championships, she had to shoot from the Under 18 distances. Fraser is 14 years old and while she outscored everyone in her category, she was only quasi-content with her scores. Although very respectable, she felt they were short of her best. Lily’s mother, Cara Fraser, defeated all the adult women in her compound category and shot her best ever 720 score.

Al Campsall, shooting in the Masters Compound category scored his best two 720 scores so far this year. He beat the current 720 record for 70 year olds by 21 points at the event, but it did not qualify as a new record due to not being held at a B.C. Championship event, but he did win the event.

Cariboo archers are waiting, with bated breath, for good news about the imminent Canadian 3D Archery Championships slated for Cranbook in two weeks, said Campsall. Due to wildfires in the Cranbrook area, the event may have to be cancelled.

A number of Cariboo Archers will be attending if it happens.

The 3D Championships in Cranbrook would end on Monday, August 7, but the Canadian Field Archery Championships begin the next morning in Victoria which makes for some tight travel scheduling.

In order to help her qualify for the World’s Team, Lily has to get to Victoria Tuesday morning before 9:30 a.m.

In order to make this happen, Campsall said he plans to drop both Lily and her mom Cara off at the Cranbrook airport after the 3D Awards ceremony Monday night, and then drive through the night as they soar overhead.

He could then meet a hopefully well-rested pair at the Field event starting Aug. 8.

The Target event begins on the following Thursday and ends on Sunday. All three archers plan to shoot the Target Championships in Victoria.

Lily’s quest for medals in all three disciplines, Team Canada membership for Field Archery and the World Championships; and the fact that she has already won the Canadian Indoor 3D’s, the BC Target and the BC 3D Championships so far this year, make her an ideal candidate to promote archery for young people in our community, said Campsall.

Lily shows respect for him after every coaching session by carrying his bow case out to his vehicle after each coaching session, he noted, another example of her status as a young role model.

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