BC Enduro Series stop coming up May 21-22 in lakecity

Williams Lake has been named to the 2016 BC Enduro Series.

Williams Lake has been named to the 2016 BC Enduro Series.

Event director Ted Morton said 2016 marks a new chapter for the BCES as many events will be tied into destination bike festivals, giving riders an unforgettable experience.

“Races next year will feature more prizes and new categories,” he said.

The seven-stage enduro series kicks off May 8 in North Vancouver, then travels to the Fraser Valley on May 15, before arriving in Williams Lake from May 21-22 for the long weekend.

“We chose Williams Lake for two reasons: locals [and] unfathomably fast trails,” Morton said.

“This mountain biking event is going to showcase the amazing networks of the Desous Mountain, on Saturday afternoon. This will be an elite enduro stage, some of the fastest and loosest riding of the whole series.

“If you like two-wheel drifts, barbecues, big descents and rowdy locals, this is the day for you.”

Sunday will feature the Fox Mountain Trail Network.

“The Fox Mountain area is where the fastest and flowiest trails, likely in all of B.C., exist.

“Throw in the odd jump, off camber, loose corner and it’s an absolute treat.”

He noted a very unique part of riding in Williams Lake is the local support he’s received.

“This event has support from Red Shred’s Bike and Board Shed, the Puddle Bike Club and the Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium,” Morton said.

“The red carpet is being rolled out for us.”

To register visit https://ccnbikes.com/#1/events/osprey-bc-enduro-series-west-williams-lake or, for more information, visit www.bcenduro.com.