Williams Lake on verge of economic boom

Alanna Silvester's letter says the people of Williams Lake need to focus on the city's future, not its present situation.


Recently I had a meeting with our representatives from the Business Development Bank of Canada.

They are based out of Kamloops but they cater to all Cariboo regions including Bella Coola.  As far as banks go, they are extremely knowledgeable about our economy province wide and locally and they are very optimistic about Williams Lake.

They say there will be a massive growth within the next five years. They are even gearing up to potentially open a local branch in order to facilitate this “boom.”

For them it’s all about timing.

As the controller of a locally owned business I am very aware how the economy is currently affecting our business as well as our customers and Williams Lake residents in general. People are skeptical and how can we blame them?

With an uncertain outlook on our community, people are afraid to make mistakes or take chances such as buy a house, open a business or stay in a town that provides no employment, limited secondary education, high taxes and limited restaurants and shopping.

Williams Lake is a beautiful city with tons of outdoors activities at our finger tips. That aspect of recruiting residents to this town is complete on its own and our goal should be employing people who want to move to such a beautiful community and creating opportunity for businesses to flourish.

What we need to do as a city is focus on the future, not the present. Williams Lake’s potential is grand and the “boom” will come but we need the right institution to nurture it and be prepared.

I am worried that our city is missing out on an opportunity to turn this town around.

We need to create longevity for business owners, youth, employment and community. Is the city prepared for an economic boom? Or will we miss out on this much needed and appreciated opportunity?

Alanna Silvester


Wyatt Marketing

Williams Lake