Will apologies matter?

I meant no deception about extreme weather, global warming or runaway climate change.


I meant no deception about extreme weather, global warming or runaway climate change. We need effective Canadian climate action started by 2015 in two years.

If global temperatures do not double to 1.6C by 2026 just 13 years from now, if they do not pass 2C by 2030 in 17 years, will it be climate gate or global disaster? Global GHG emissions grow exponentially two to  three per cent per year.  Two per cent growth means 570 ppm of CO2 by 2050. Considering feedback loops, 1,000 ppm of CO2 is possible by 2100. World Bank, IPCC, NOAA, NAS, IEA, CIA, have real concerns. Charles Keeling, Robert Hansen, Isaac Stern, Faith Birol, Bill McKibbon, Lester Brown, Al Gore, Jule Charney, David Schindler, Andrew Nikiforuk, Mark Jaccard, Andrew Weaver, Bill Ress, are no fools and are/were rightfully concerned for us.

Stupefying greenwashing can help market Canada’s fossil-fuel reserves globally before any corrective measure can be taken by 2015. In this 2013 election, how likely will effective Canadian climate action come about by 2015? Will Harper, Clark, Redford, Hall, Kent, Oliver, Lake, McQueen, Chevoldayoff and countless promoters profiting on Canada’s fossil-fuels apologize to anyone after passing the tipping point of global warming? Will they admit pervasive fraud about the safety or dangers of Canada’s fossil-fuel reserves, developed, marketed and consumed globally?

Will it matter? Us along for the ride to a climate cliff, no apology can ever really matter or make proper amends for irreversible runaway global warming. “I’m so sorry my friend?” No corrective statements will make any difference to any of us. A cautionary tale? What must we each do to help ourselves by 2015? Acknowledge, accept, understand, stand up for universal democratic social justice action.  We have two years. I swear it’s not too late. Articulate your voices for effective climate action by 2015.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake