Wealth now depends on marketing

It seems every avenue by pro-fossil fuel propaganda and crisis capitalism are being used.


Impediments to getting truth?

It seems every avenue by pro-fossil fuel propaganda and crisis capitalism are being used to convince Canadians they should not be a stone in the road to Canada’s mega-fossil fuel industry.

Canada’s “wealth” now “depends” on marketing Canada’s fossil fuels globally?

Never mind the GHG emissions dumped into the atmosphere as Canada’s fossil fuels are consumed globally. It doesn’t mean the destruction of the human species or the end of civilization! If Canada’s fossil fuels are burned elsewhere globally, it isn’t Canada’s concern.  Damn GHG emissions!  Full speed “ahead!”

Propagandists and their originators think there will be considerable numbers of wealthy Canadians left after the Arctic, Antarctic, mountain glaciers, ice sheets melt.

Don’t mind extreme weather, droughts, record high temperatures, fires, beetle kill, invasive species, loss of species, loss of food crops, loss of potable water, winter storms, summer hurricanes, typhoons, rising ocean levels, ocean acidification, destruction of habitat, displaced people and floods we are already experiencing now at 0.8C.

Perhaps a billion out of eight will survive they believe.  Canada is favourably positioned in this global disaster.  The notion of seven billion human beings succumbing from irreversible inhuman made global warming seems surreal, easy to dismiss.  Large numbers seem meaningless unless it is personally your number, your own children, your own grandchildren, your own loved ones.

Will population return to pre-industrial eras of a billion and a half?  Will we disappear altogether as global temperature reaches 6C and 1,000 ppm of CO2 in this century?

After 160,000 years of human existence, 10,000 years of human civilization, have we been on this planet too long?  Will we lose it all in the next ten years?

Question my sanity for listening to our scientists.  Dismiss their “lies.”  I could be wrong.  But could our scientists possibly be right?

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake