Voter turnout will be greatly reduced this election

As the B.C. election looms ever closer the pundits are increasingly suggesting an NDP win.


As the B.C. election looms ever closer the pundits are increasingly suggesting an NDP win.

Business people that have experienced life under past NDP governments are again wondering about their future in this province.

I recall following Dave Barrett’s NDP reign of 1973 and later, many business people, myself included, seriously looked at leaving the province.

This time around the NDP are telling us up front that the NDP are against most job creating opportunities, at the same time they are talking of raising taxes and contributing millions and millions of dollars to almost everything that can be thought of.

Should business people not find it a comfortable climate for operating a successful enterprise here in B.C. during another NDP reign, what other province will you have to go to for employment opportunities following the promised expanded NDP job training program.

As a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather, I preach responsible spending, as a good GPS for finding our way as we wander through the various trails, highways and back roads of life.

Following every prior NDP government, regrettably there seems to follow, an ultra conservative minded government that then overcorrects the spending of the prior government.

Neither style of government is good or responsible government.

The best government that this province has had in the past is a minority government, a government that just does not have the power or authority to spend, spend and spend or on the other hand to chop, chop, and chop.

Regretfully I predict that this election will be one where as a form of public protest, greatly reduced numbers turn out to vote and many of those that do vote will not be overly committed to any particular party or leader.

Doug Wilson

Williams Lake