Vote no if you want to keep your job


Well, I received my HST ballot in the mail on Tuesday.


Well, I received my HST ballot in the mail on Tuesday.

From what I can determine Elections BC has not gotten any smarter as far as how they do things.

Does it assume we are all idiots and proceed to prove it by making the process a kindergarten effort?

First you sign the ballot, if you can figure out how to answer, then you sign your name and give your birth date to prove who you pretend to be, or live in the residence that received the ballot, then you put the ballot in envelope A, then put A in B and then put them in the envelope to mail.

How many households received a ballot when the person no longer lives there and therefore is not able to fill it out? At the end of the day does Elections BC really care?

Who are they trying to confuse? Everyone?

Normally when you are voting for something you would vote yes. In this case, it has reversed the question and asked if you are in favour of removing or extinguishing something rather than supporting something.

As you drive around you see some signs that say vote yes. Well, under normal conditions that would be a good thing, but if you support the harmonizing of our provincial and federal sales tax then that is a bad thing.

The business communities in general, as well as industry, that provide the jobs for most of us who work by the hour are supporting it. I guess we need to ask if we want a job or not. If you want a job vote no. If you don’t care vote yes.

That is also backwards.

Do we want business and industry to prosper and compete in the world market so we can still have jobs or do we think governments can provide all the jobs without any income? If we don’t have business and industry governments will not have any money, so who will pay all of those who are working for them?

Walt Cobb

Williams Lake