Unfortunate that equipment collapsed

This a follow-up to my ‘mad’ letter published in the Tuesday, April 9, Tribune.


This a follow-up to my ‘mad’ letter published in the Tuesday, April 9, Tribune.

On Monday afternoon we met with several staff members at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex and once again we were delighted how helpful they are.

Darryl had been working for several hours to get everything working again, Geoff Paynton, the director of community services, explained the intricacies of the equipment — far too high tech for the Gibraltar Room.

They are working often on the equipment trying to scale it down and making it more user friendly.

It is true, they are quite restricted with their funds, but they sure try to make the best of it.

It was unfortunate that the equipment collapsed last Thursday, half an hour into the Paddling Film Festival.

It has happened before, in the same way.

We were told that the Banff Mountain Film Festival always brings their own back-up equipment, just in case. We will do the same thing.

We already have the computer, we will get a good projector (right now we are using a borrowed one), and we will not have to send anyone home again.

A big thank you again to the wonderful staff at the Gibraltar Room, to Cathy, Gary and Darryl especially.  The distributor of the Paddling Film Festival was very understanding and let us re-schedule the festival for next Tuesday, April 16.

And thank you to Tihol, my true partner and guide in my endeavours.

I have to admit I am a bit amazed how passionate I feel about our Film Club.

I love to bring culturally and socially engaging films and documentaries from all over the world to Williams Lake.

I love to be able to use the proceeds to support the local chapter of the LDA, the Association for Students with Learning Disabilities, to provide one-on-one tutoring on a regular level.

Thank you so much for all of your support — I am quite overwhelmed — and humbled.

Krista Liebe

Williams Lake Film Club