Understand implications for future

Knowledge...understanding...for 2013 (0.8 C) global warming/climate change based on scientific evidence isn’t favourable.


Knowledge…understanding…for 2013 (0.8 C) global warming/climate change based on scientific evidence isn’t favourable.

Just 21 per cent of Environment Canada scientists said the best climate-change evidence available is used to make policy.

At Natural Resources Canada, only 29 percent agreed they do.

Eighty-six per cent at Fisheries and Oceans said changes to the Fisheries Act hampers Canada’s ability to protect fish and their habitat.  Bills C38, C45? Ninety per cent of federal scientists feel “muzzled”… not speaking of harm to public health, safety, or environment … fearful of retaliation.

This climate of fear is imposed by this Conservative government.  Why?  Tar-sands, pipelines, Harper and Conservative’s political GHG agenda.  Canadian GHG fossil-fuels are resourced, extracted, sold, bought, then burned globally for short-term private-profit ambition and personal financial success.

Overall deceitful focus on safe coal, safe pipelines, safe oil-spills, safe tanker traffic, safe fracking and safe “clean” LNG marginalizes/undermines the 4 C global warming danger faced by our children and grandchildren.  No nation is immune to global warming/climate change…not even Canada.

World Bank commissioned a 2010 report which says a 4 C hotter world must be avoided.  All Canadian’s who don’t know … should know why.  There is no certainty that adaptation to a 4 C world is possible.  The world is on track for 4C (2040-2050-2060?)

Vital for Canadian’s to know is an aggressive expansion, at least doubling (2021 tripling?) Canadian resourced GHG’s, in a high-carbon National Energy Policy formalizing in 2014.

International Energy Agency warns (5/1/12) global economies have five more years (2017) to move to a low-carbon economy to avoid a dangerous (disastrous) 2C world.  IEA warns for welfare of others … for the needs of all.

Harper’s climate “politics” isn’t good for the world … or for Canadians.  Know … understand implications … of 0.8 C, 1.5 C, 2 C, 3 C, 4 C, 5 C, 6 C or hotter planet…when this might occur this century … for our children … for our grandchildren.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake