Time to back off F-35 fighters

Diana French suggests it might be time to back off F-35 fighters.

Opposition parties  objected to the appointment of Federal Auditor General  Michael Ferguson  because he isn’t bilingual, but his lack of French didn’t stop him from handing them some  heavy ammunition in his first report.   

The AG  found the  government’s   process for purchasing  F-35  fighter jets  wanting, and that  Mr. Harper & Co.  misled   parliament and Canadians on the costs. He said the 65 stealth jets  will cost   $25  billion, not  $15  billion as advertised.  When  Kevin Page, the parliamentary budget officer warned of this last year,  the government  pooh-poohed him.

   In spite of  the bluster it’s  unlikely anyone will be held  accountable.  The Conservatives  have  been in warmish  if not hot water before, and life goes on.   The   Party  repaid over $200,000  after Elections Canada  found their “in and out” financing in the 2006 election  violated campaign funding rules.  In March, 2011, Mr. Harper was found in contempt of parliament for refusing to share information with the  Opposition.    Elections Canada  is currently  investigating suggestions  that party  members  may have interfered  with last  years  election  (Robocalls).  There  are questions about  how much  our military  involvement in  Afghanistan contributed to  our deficit.

 Even  $15 billion,  never mind $24 billion,   is  a lot of money  for  a government that’s  broke.   The  jets  are called killing machines.  Maybe the PM and Defense Minister  Peter Mackay  can explain  why we  need  them. Who  do we want to kill?   What  sacrifices  do they want us to make to  pay for their war games?  

According to reports from the US,  Congress is questioning the F-35 project because it is  so far  behind schedule, so far over  budget, and some  tests have been disappointing.  Some critics claim the F-35  will  be obsolete before it ever gets off the ground.   Other countries besides  Canada have been  involved in  the project,  and some are  backing off 

Maybe we should too.