Tick, tick, tick

The countdown in on!The municipal, regional, and school district elections are only four days away.

The countdown in on!

The municipal, regional, and school district elections are only four days away.

On Saturday night we expect to know who will become mayor and councillors, Cariboo Regional District board members, and school trustees.

We can hardly wait to find out! And we can hardly wait till it’s over!

While election time is always an exciting time here at the Tribune, it can also be brutally exhausting (fielding letters to the editor, attending all-candidates forums, and interviewing oodles of candidates).

There are many candidates running in the 2011 elections, which is a good sign that democracy is working. We reiterate the importance of voters doing their part for democracy, too, by making it to the polls on Saturday, Nov. 19 to vote.

Included in today’s Tribune are special pages devoted to the election candidates.

Those who participated (not every candidate responded) answered a few soft-ball questions we sent to them.

We asked what position they are running for, why they are running for it, what they feel are the three key issues that need to be addressed, and how they plan to tackle them.

We hope you enjoy those pages and other election stories in the Tribune, and that our election coverage will help you make an informed and educated decision on who to vote for.

We want to note that while the Tribune has published letters to the editor about the candidates and the election, we are not publishing any letters about the election or candidates this week (as we mentioned in this paper a couple of months ago).

As soon as the results of the election are known, we will post them to wltribune.com.

Happy voting!