Throwing candy forbidden at parade

Letter from Penny McIntosh notes that candy shouldn't be thrown during the Daybreak Rotary Stampede Parade.


I would like to congratulate the Daybreak Rotary Club for all the hard work it put into the 2012 Stampede Parade.

The parade was well organized and ran very smoothly. Thanks to all the volunteers who assisted.

The one concern I have about the parade is throwing of candy from their entry by the mayor and council. My understanding is that there has been a rule in place for several years that people will hand out candy and not throw it into the crowd.

The very good reason for this is the safety of the children who run out to get the fallen candy and possibly put themselves in danger.

Perhaps the council, who are the elected officials, should be setting an example to others and follow the rules, guiding the events in which they participate.

Penny McIntosh

Williams Lake