The poor get poorer

Thank you to the writer of “Faux-Liberal/Reform Party” letter.


Thank you to the writer of “Faux-Liberal/Reform Party” letter.  In continued defiance of the anti-HST referendum, HST rates on used-cars will remain after April Fool’s day.  What else?

Another faux-liberal/reform may be the “best interest of children” in B.C.  Poverty is not in the best interest of children in B.C.  Child poverty in B.C. is unacceptable.  B.C. still doesn’t have a poverty reduction plan with timelines.  Ninety-five per cent of B.C.’s children in care still need plans propelling Liberal standards of child care.

The poor get poorer.  Cuts for the poor are under more threat to balance “our” budgets.  Homelessness, hunger, food banks, food kitchens, school breakfast/lunch programs, begging, child poverty in B.C. are shortsighted in wealthy Canada.

The super-rich one per cent elite further isolate themselves from the rest of the 99 per cent by widening the wealth/income chasm between the rich and poor.  Corporate income tax cuts have become a defining feature of this inequality gap.  Slashed from 28 per cent in 2000 to 12 per cent in 2012, Federal and Provincial tax revenues have gone down in the last 12 years.  Canada faces large budget deficits.

Public school programs are cut.  Public education suffers.  Since 2001, 194 or more B.C. public schools have closed.  More closures are planned.  The wealthy send their children to the top 10 Fraser Institute ranked “private” schools in B.C.

Build more prisons?  Corporate dominance and wealth/income inequality?  An elite class systematically dominating the rest of us in a democracy?

Help democracy continue to evolve with the proposition that all human beings are created equal, socially, politically, and economically.  Our democratic governments were instituted deriving their “just” powers from consent of the governed… not ruled by hijacking dominating elite. Help move humanity forward to democratic destiny by adding your voices with the writer exposing “Faux-Liberal/Reform.”

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake