The cat days of summer

Williams Lake Tribune reporter Monica Lamb-Yorski describes her feline's adventures.

If cats have nine lives then I wager our cat Java has about three left.

Six times he’s been rescued from riding on the roof of our truck.

As we’ve exited Broadway Avenue South on to Highway 97, motorists have hailed us down, honked horns and waved frantically to let us know, “there’s a little black cat on the roof of your truck.”

His most recent escapade was this morning.

Seconds after I entered the highway I heard a horn honking.

After checking the rearview mirror and noticing there were no vehicles on the highway near me, I wondered if Java was on the roof, and pulled over.

My husband jumped out and returned instantly with a very scared and loudly meowing black manx in his arms.

Java’s ears were straight back and looking sheepish, if a cat can.

We waved too late to thank the guys in the truck.

Normally we check to make sure Java isn’t on the roof, and my husband said he had, but we have a car port and are convinced sometimes he leaps on from the roof to the top of the truck when we are leaving.

We adopted Java a few months after we moved to Williams Lake.

Our landlord asked if we knew anyone who wanted a kitty and we said if our other cat Mooch would accept him we would take him in.

Mooch is grey, large and mellow for the most part.

He loves to sit on the truck, but unlike Java, Mooch will jump off the moment someone starts the engine.

But then Java is more adventurous. We’ve seen him two or three blocks away from home, hunting in the ditches or walking along the side of the road.

Recently we heard he’s invited himself in to eat at a house in the neighbourhood where another cat lives.

Guess I best tell them to check their car roof too.

Monica Lamb-Yorski is a reporter at the Williams Lake Tribune