Thanks for the generous support

Graduate Jack Teppema extends thanks for bursaries and awards.


I would like to thank the Horsefly Women’s Institute, Roger Erickson Memorial Bursary Foundation (Horsefly Buzz), Home Hardware Bursary for the Trades and the Dogwood District/Authority (Technical and Trades Training) for the generous bursaries and award.

I am already attending Thompson Rivers University — Williams Lake Campus for the Ace-It Electrical Program.

I graduated early in January and was selected by School District 27 to attend the University with the Trades Program offered by the district.

I will be completing my first year in July and will be trying to find an apprenticeship after that for work experience. I will then attend more schooling for the next few years depending on which direction I end up going in this field. Long term I am interested in becoming an electrical engineer. I have already had to pay a portion of the tuition fees for the first year of schooling with SD27 paying for a portion as well. These bursaries and award will help in the continuation in my education.

Your bursaries and award enable me to keep my debt lower and for that, I am grateful. Not only does this bursary help me to finance my education, but I also feel honoured to be recognized.

Thank you for making these bursaries and awards possible. I will never forget the generosity extended to me!

Jack Teppema

Williams Lake