Take a drive to Wildwood


Good things are happening in Wildwood.


Good things are happening in Wildwood.

Community members are very active. The spirit of the Cariboo is alive and well.

We are about to begin construction of an all-season skating rink at the Wildwood Elementary School.

Tentative completion date is sometime in October.

At that time we will be having a ribbon cutting and a community barbecue.

We also will be starting construction on a disc golf course, which we hope to have opened by next summer.

The five-year community plan includes the building of a kids bike park, a skateboard/bike park, and an ATV park.

Desi Cheverie will be guest speaker at the Wildwood Community Association on Sept.12, held at the Wildwood Elementary School at 6:45 p.m.  He will be talking about the Wildwood trail systems in the area and about what Crown lands may be available for some of our projects.

Take a drive out to Wildwood and see some of the homes and beautifully decorated yards of which their owners have spent much time and effort, and with much loving care, to get the desired effect.

Yes, the spirit of the Cariboo continues to live and grow in Wildwood.

Oleh Lazarchuk