System needs improvement

It’s a strange, strange world.

It’s a strange, strange world.

Former police chief and current MLA Kash Heed, the on-again, off-again solicitor general who is being accused of some hanky panky concerning his election, is teaching criminology at Simon Fraser University.

He is said to be an excellent teacher.

According to reports, SFU doesn’t consider the allegations of electoral misdeeds to be an issue. If he had killed some dogs, it might.

Regarding killing dogs: Premier Gordon Campbell (remember him?) has appointed a task force to investigate the killing of 100-surplus sled dogs at Whistler.

The dog massacre was ugly, no question about that, but how about a review of the B.C. Rail fiasco? Or some action on the Hughes recommendations on child care in B.C.?

Ancient Forest Alliance photographer T.J. Watt took first place in a national photography competition with an image of an old-growth clearcut on Vancouver Island. Vancouver Sun’s Larry Pynn called the photo “hauntingly beautiful.” The new Beautiful B.C.?

A new twist on strategic voting, if you can’t beat them, join them.

A couple of groups were asking British Columbians of the green persuasion to become temporary members of the B.C. Liberal party.

The intent is to interest the Lib leadership candidates in environmental issues.

I personally think the whole business of signing up instant members is a crock. Green invaders may be a new wrinkle, but all parties have had, and are having issues about legitimate newbies i.e. no cats or other questionable members.

If we must have a system whereby party members chose their leaders (especially a premier) maybe only long-time tried and true party members should do the choosing. Or have a system like the U.S.’s “primary” elections where everyone can have a go at it.

It’s probably impossible to come up with a perfect system but this current one certainly needs improvement.

Diana French is a freelance columnist for the Tribune. She is a former Tribune editor, retired teacher, historian, and book author.