Still something to celebrate

Summer begins today. Will anyone notice?

Summer begins today.  Will anyone notice?


From what I saw via TV,  most  Stanley Cup rioters were males, young, white, and affluent, at least affluent enough to afford Canuck jerseys, which are not inexpensive.

I doubt they are anarchists.

Anarchists have a cause, whatever it might be.

This bunch was on a destruction orgy with some looting on the side.

I wonder how much the media hype had to do with it. The main stream media frenzy made it sound as though the future of Canada, if not civilization, depended on the Canucks winning the Stanley Cup.

I wish they had won it, but for goodness sakes, it’s a game.

Calling the loss a disaster, as some have, is ridiculous.

The Canucks forced the best team in the league to a seventh game. That’s better than the other 28 teams managed to do. Why not celebrate that?

I also wonder how many hooligans will be held responsible.

Very few of the 1994 rioters were.

Court watchers say our already overburdened justice system likely won’t be able to handle them all.


On the home front, the civic election is off to an early start with former mayor Walter Cobb challenging the incumbent.

Along with City finances and economics, I’m hearing the future of the downtown business area could be an issue. And, with no grant forthcoming to help pay for the Station House move, critics of the existing plan will have time to discuss alternative locations.

Some feel it’s risky to put a heritage building on a 20-year lease.


I drive by the cemetery almost every day without paying much attention, but last week it came to my notice there is no sign over the gate.

Even tiny cemeteries have signs. Why hasn’t ours? Was it an oversight? A budgetary matter? A disagreement over a name?

Diana French is a freelance columnist for the Tribune. She is a former Tribune editor, retired teacher, historian, and book author.