Steer our steers back home please

The faithful believe that God will never heap upon you (give) more than you can handle.

The faithful believe that God will never heap upon you (give) more than you can handle.

If I had to guess, I’d say that I’m being tested right now, as I seem to have a fair bit of cow poop plopping into my corner of the world lately.

However, instead of letting it pile up I’m busying myself with converting it into fertilizer, which — if properly spread — will nurture some personal growth.

Bear with me while I labour, because — for the past week or two — Murphy’s Law has ruled and it has hindered my rate of conversion.

Back in April we purchased some cattle and put them into a grazing pasture where they were to hang out (happily grazing/gaining weight) before being re-sold in the fall. Last week, it was round-up time, so the cattle (nary a stray in four months) were gathered and headed toward the roadside holding corrals.

Just as they approached the loading chute area, a large truck (travelling on the adjacent highway 20 feet away) released it’s exhaust brake. Whooosh!

Yep — you guessed it, total mayhem! The entire herd ran amuck, through the barbed-wire fence and onto the highway, before galloping off toward Williams Lake — talk about bad timing!

Now, a week later — despite several lengthy searches — all but one of the critters are still on a walk-about.

So if you see any big red steers in your backyard (Frost Creek subdivision/area) give us a call. Sigh.

A sympathetic neighbour termed it a disaster, but my husband had perspective, commenting that it would have been a disaster to have been aboard the Russian jet liner (it went down the same day as the jinxed round-up).

The steers on a walk-about were merely an inconvenience!

As usual, he was right!

P.S. He might frame this!

Liz Twan is a local rancher and freelance columnist for the Tribune.