New speed sign in Lac La Hache (George Lee photo - submitted)

Speed signs activated in Lac La Hache

Barbra Hansen’s column to the Free Press

There have been lots of different interesting things going on in our community this past month. Crazy weather: lots of storms and rain and perhaps the high winds were responsible for the rash of docks being misplaced on the lake.

Speed signs

It took a while but the speed signs are up and appear to be working! There was positive feedback but people also expressed concerns about the highway in the Kokanee Bay area – they would like to see some changes there as it can quickly become highly congested. A very busy time in the summer with trucks and campers, trailers heading for their favorite camping spot and highway rigs getting fuel. Most recently there have also been reports about a donkey escaping its field and playing on the highway – a person really has to stay alert in that area.

Volunteers needed

Our community is one that has been filled with volunteers always willing to help out wherever needed, but it appears times are changing. At this time the seniors club (OAPO) is suffering. It has always been quite active but like everything else, everyone is getting older and the interest to participate is just not there. As a result, the craft fair and barbecue planned for June 11 and 12 have been cancelled due to a lack of vendors. This is very unfortunate as the few folks involved worked hard to get this event all organized.

Preparations are getting started for the garlic festival, and that is always a huge job, which our director Jeanette McCrea seems to handle with ease. The first mowing has been done at the festival grounds and something has come to light. The festival grounds have always been open for public use but someone has totally abused this privilege by making big ruts all over the field and smashing one of the cement benches along the walkway.

All it takes is one bad apple to wreck things for everyone else. There has been some discussion now as to whether or not locks will be installed on the gates. Stay tuned for more information on this matter as it becomes available.

There will, however, be a call out for volunteers to help with parking and working on the gates. We truly appreciate all the help we can get.

Applications are pouring in for vendors but it appears there is a shortage in the food vendor area and in a few others – it’s not too late you can still apply for a spot!

Extra, extra

The Glen Tanner family had one special weekend recently – Glen, Lachlan and Arlie were extras in a movie that was filmed in Barkerville. Congratulations for a job well done, an opportunity of a lifetime, and the photos of the costumes were superb!

News and events

Recently the Red Crow has had live music, but unfortunately, I don’t always manage to get the information in on time. A good place to check for these events would be in the groups What’s up Lac La Hache and Hache Talk.

There is a new store in our community – Unity Cannabis. It is located next to the Red Crow and it opened on June 3 and will operate seven days per week.

A memorial tea for Wendy Williams will be held at the community hall on Saturday, June 11 from 12-2 p.m. Everyone is welcome – see you there!

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