Speak out against pipeline

Herb Nakada, in his letter to the editor, says action is needed.


Earth has enough fossil fuels energizing “business as usual” for a thousand years!  Rest assured?

Energizing our “growing” economy burning fossil fuels at increasing rates … Earth will heat to 6C by the end of this century. Rest in peace?

British Columbia Greenhouse Gas Inventory report for 2010 (released June 2012) … says 62 million tonnes of CO2 released in 2010 is 4.5 per cent less than 2007! Under reported? B.C. emissions released were greater … perhaps four times as great.

With the Liberal party’s peddling … development of new coal mines, shale gas projects (LNG plants, site C Dam?) … proposed pipelines … other mining projects … forest lands. … B.C. emissions could be 600 million tonnes-plus annually. 1.6C is unavoidable now. Knowing the damages of global warming at 0.8C … what will damages be moving through 1.6C? Will damage claims increase exponentially through 1.6C … 2C … 3C … 4C … 5C … 6C-plus … ? Personal losses are tragically beyond measure … beyond “price.”  Hansen has warned us 2C is a prescription for disaster. We will need some “assets” to go on with life through 1.6C. Insurance companies can profit … only with exponentially higher premiums. Full disclosure would show ordinary people … “catastrophic” rising premiums aren’t affordable. “Catastrophic” damages and “catastrophic” insurance caused by man-made climate change are “simply” not affordable. Too many of us will have no resources for a decent life. Moral action now can prevent some of this … we can still afford preventive action … for beyond 1.6C.

“Policy makers” have largely ignored IPCC reports … discounted global warming … ignored “warnings” of Sir Nicholas Stern (Stern Commission Report) … Dr. Fatih Birol (chief economist of the IEA).  This is a “red” flag. “Policy makers” are largely bankrupt … morally. Full disclosure would show we are in an emergency alert for urgent climate action needed at municipal, provincial, national and global levels … now.

Stopping the Northern Gateway Pipeline “works” for family and communities first. It is moral. Speak out now … on Oct. 22 … and everyday.  Join and/or support the people’s rally … before it’s too late! It is your decision … It is your democracy.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake