Short term very long to adapt to warming

Enbridge (Texas based) pipeline “leaks” 9.5 million litres.


Enbridge (Texas based) pipeline “leaks” 9.5 million litres. The massive spill of “waste” water from oil and natural gas extractions containing toxic oil, salts, minerals, a toxic chemical brew that includes poisons to kill bacteria.

The toxic spill was in wetland animal and bird habitat in Northern Alberta. What are the volumes of “industrial” waste water being piped and their toxic “waste” water storage destination?

Alberta wants to double their tar-sand production and shipping by 2020. Crucially, Alberta needs an enlarged pipeline capacity.

Global News’ Leslie Young reported on 37 years of oil spills in Alberta between 1975-2012. Over the 37 years, Alberta had 28,666 bitumen/synthetic crude oil spills plus 31,453 spills from pipelines.  Spills under 12.5 barrels are discounted.

Federal Resources Minister Joe Oliver says, “We are focusing on making sure pipeline safety is world class, maritime safety is world class, and that we have robust consultation process with Aboriginals to maximize their benefits from resource development.”  Oliver says Clark’s five conditions must be met.  Oliver says anything that moves Alberta’s bitumen forward is very positive.  Is that true?

Oliver says Ottawa will focus on Clark’s five criteria for B.C.’s approval on Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project. The Northern Gateway pipeline is crucial for Ottawa, Alberta and the fossil-fuel industry. Ottawa aims to help B.C. “change its mind.”

Of the top 11 richest corporations of the world, eight are fossil-fuel corporations. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers speak for fossil-fuels.

The fossil-fuel industry aims on producing and burning 2,795 gigaton of fossil-fuel carbon.  565 gigaton of fossil-fuel carbon is the amount which can still be burned and stay below 2C globally?

The aimed carbon burn is “five” times 565 gigaton!!!

Ship Alberta’s “dirty” bitumen to Asia? Consider wildlife, fish, human habitat in B.C. and the world.

That short term is very long for humanity “adapting” to irreversible runaway global warming.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake