Seniors’ Village resident seeks volunteers

Volunteers are needed to accompany seniors who use the Go-Bus, Seniors' Village resident says.


I am a resident at the Seniors’ Village along with other residents all in wheelchairs. When we must go to town for any number of reasons we must have someone to accompany us for safety reasons.

That’s when we need people to volunteer to come with us on the Go-Bus at no cost to them.

There is only one volunteer at present and when that volunteer is not available one must either remand that date or hire an ambulance at great cost.

That is why more volunteers are needed urgently.

I took the ambulance recently for that reason.

If you can volunteer to help us out it would be appreciated very much.

If you want to volunteer to help out please phone 250-305-1131.

Thank you very much,

Peter Teichroew

Williams Lake