School district’s decisions don’t make sense

Closing Glendale Elementary and keeping Wildwood open which has 24 kids and one Shuswap program doesn’t make sense.


Closing Glendale Elementary, which holds two amazing programs, balanced calendar and French Immersion, with 140 kids and keeping Wildwood open which has 24 kids and one Shuswap program doesn’t make sense.

Isn’t it easier and less costly to place one program and 24 kids into a different building, than to put 140 kids and two programs, into two different buildings and portables?

Nothing against Wildwood, and I’m not a racist; but this has become to feel like a race issue to many in the community. Many are saying this because if you seriously look at what has happened, it does not make any sense.

Yes, Wildwood’s program is funded by the government but that doesn’t change if they move.

The argument about the McLeese Lake kids having more bus time, some already go to other schools. So why is it still open? A question the board wouldn’t answer.

In closing Glendale they are separating friends, and the environment we have worked hard to maintain. It takes the privilege of putting your children into different programs if they wish to try because it is at the same school. Glendale asked Wildwood and Kwaleen to join their family, while keeping their programs. Why did the board not try that option? Using Glendale’s low numbers is a sad excuse to close since 140 kids is a whole lot more than 24 kids.

Glendale’s program struggled to grow because the board hasn’t left it alone in five years with threats of closure.

How about this; keep Glendale open, put French on the balanced program and they will soon see the benefit and add Wildwood to the mix.  Now you have three programs under one roof. Now that makes sense.

The schools they plan on putting Glendale kids into are almost full and need to have portables. If these schools are close to being full how can the balanced calendar or French programs grow?  Fact is, schools won’t accept more kids if they are full, despite whether the programs are full or not?  When it comes to the bus drop off for Nesika; it’s at Columneetza. That doesn’t make me feel safe for any young child. There are many ways they can get buses into the Nesika lot; they just have to do it. Example, use the back road behind Columneetza as a bus access only to Nesika. Nesika’s field is not fenced. Instead, surrounded by unknown houses and trees, so anyone can come and go, unseen, from the grounds at anytime, from anywhere; even WL high school property is fenced. Nesika is not a bad school; I just think the school board can do better for our kids especially when they just spent $170,000 on WIFI upgrades for the high schools.

When do we say it’s enough? Elementary kids need place too.

Nancy Jalbert

Williams Lake