Roses and Raspberries: August

To all the friendly and helpful staff at Spectra Power Sports, thank you so much.

To all the friendly and helpful staff at Spectra Power Sports, thank you so much.

Rick Dee


A bushel of roses to the staff at Denny’s restaurant, particularly Satwant and the manager.

On Saturday, Aug. 1, my mother collapsed and required an ambulance.

Their kindness and caring towards my mother went above and beyond.

The staff acted quickly and controlled the situation in a professional manner and assisted in calming the situation.

The kindness they showed our family was much appreciated.

We would also like to thank the ambulance attendants, Ron and Megan, for their gentle care of mom.

Bob and Penny McIntosh


A bucket of raspberries to the person who has been stealing produce from the community garden.

Each of these plots are lovingly cared for by families, children and community groups.

It is quite a shock when you raise something from seed then care, weed and water it and when you go to pick it after your hard labour it is gone.

Shame on you for stealing food out of peoples’ mouths.

I bet you also steal candy from babies, too.

Anyone can get a plot in the community garden so why don’t you?

You will be a better person for it, instead of being a common thief.

P.S. The children would also like their stolen picnic table back, too.

K. O’Connor


A world of roses to Dr. Werner Engelbrecht and the entire staff at the Cariboo Memorial Hospital for the exceptional care and unbelievable compassion shown during our family’s difficult time.

A special thank you to the staff on the second floor.

You will all have a special place in our hearts.

The George family