Raw log exports not something to celebrate


Re: Celebrating B.C. forests.


Re: Celebrating B.C. forests.

In her Tribune column of Sept. 27 MLA Donna Barnett writes about the “many benefits and opportunities that our forests provide.”

She cites the reopening of mills and the hundreds of workers back on the job as a reason to celebrate.  But then she states, “Not only that, but log exports are increasing as well.”

I remember a time when our local mills processed those logs, making the timber that was then sold in B.C., Canada, and other countries as well.

For each of those logs cut in our local mills someone was employed.

People in this community were employed directly at the local mills or indirectly in the shops, schools, and businesses that supported the mill workers and their families.

Now, each truck of logs that leaves this community creates further losses.

Families move away in search of other work.

Businesses supported by those families cut their hours, their inventory, or close their doors altogether.

Unlike Ms. Barnett, I see nothing to celebrate in the export of raw logs from our community and our province.  The forests are a resource that belong to all the people of this province, not a commodity to be exported for the benefit of a few.

Charlie Wyse

Williams Lake