Programs needs to be digitized


An open letter to Richard Harris, MP for Cariboo-Prince George.


An open letter to Richard Harris, MP for Cariboo-Prince George.

In light of the forthcoming budget from our government, we wish to express to you the importance of maintaining and developing national programs for digital inclusion in order to assure that all Canadians can use and have access to technologies in constant evolution.

As you know, to a large extent, thanks to the support of the community access program (CAP) and its youth initiative (CAP YI), the Internet community access centres are at the core of an immense national network of places that every year help hundreds of thousands of people to integrate new technologies into their lives.

These centres and their young co-ordinators offer training courses for different software, help with job searching, offer access to several services as well as an opportunity for better cultural integration.

Working within both public and private sectors, due to experienced personnel, the centres also offer several complementary services that range from video editing to website creation to innovation through uses. Thus, the thousands of young interns that take part in the CAP YI project acquire a unique experience that allows them to become active citizens.

The contribution of the Internet community access centres as well as that of the workers and volunteers largely supports the efforts of Industries Canada. Yet the community groups have limited resources and cannot satisfy the needs of the population alone.

It is for these reasons that we ask the Canadian government to maintain, update and expand these programs. Bear in mind that you will have the full support of the Chilcotin region in the development of a new vision for a digital Canada.

John Kerr

Tatlayoko Think Tank Ltd.,

Tatlayoko Lake, B.C.