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SHARE THE ROAD: Sharing Cariboo roads, with walkers, trailers and winter conditions

A hats off to city staff for a great job clearing sidewalks and professional truckers for giving way
Bert Groenenberg is an avid cyclist who enjoys riding his bike for freedom and fitness. Groenenberg appreciated the bicycle-themed sculpture in downtown Rossland on a road trip. (Photo submitted)

This column is an imaginary correspondence between Maddie the Motorist, Byron the Bicyclist and Patty the Pedestrian.

Dear Maddie the Motorist;

One night last week we got about 15 cm of snow. On my walk down Oliver Street before 8 a.m., I expected to see an unplowed sidewalk, but this time it was plowed from the Chevron station right into downtown. Thank you, City of Williams Lake!

And Maddie, pass on a thank you to the professional truck drivers who stop for me at pedestrian crossings — other drivers, not so much. Maybe they need a refresher driver education course.

Signed, Patty the appreciative Pedestrian

Dear Appreciative Patty;

Thanks, Patty, I will pass on your appreciation to professional truck drivers.

It is interesting you mention driver education, because I sometimes pull a cargo trailer, I took a two-hour driver education course about a month ago. The course isn’t legally required for that size of trailer but I thought I might just learn a few things.

The first half hour was making sure the truck and trailer equipment was working right. Everything was fine except the break-away trailer brake — big oops!

When driving, I learned a truck and trailer combination can legally take wide turns across two lanes like professional truck drivers do, that way, we don’t take the chance of running over your toes at the curb. I had to be much more observant of my surroundings, especially the trailer I was pulling. I was told to scan 360 degrees every five to eight seconds.

Well, Patty, I have already told my coworkers this was a very worthwhile driving lesson, and it cost less than a $167 fine (and two points) for failing to yield to a pedestrian, so it felt like a good deal.

Signed; Maddie the Eagle Eyed Motorist

Bert Groenenberg is a cyclist and pedestrian who has mainly biked or walked to work on Oliver Street for 30 years.

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