Opinion: A new normal

Things, at least on the surface, appear to be getting somewhat back to normal at Quesnel Lake.

From the annual fishing derby and May Day celebrations at Likely in the west arm, to generations of families returning to their cabins at the junction where the arms meet, it looks like life might be getting back to normal at Quesnel Lake.

In all, 117 adults and 24 children registered at the Valley General Store in Likely for the weekend fishing derby.

First place and $1,000 was awarded to Cody Manuel for his 11 pound, 15 ounce lake trout.

Second place and $500 went to James Laundry for his nine pound, 14 ounce fish.

Stan Laskovic took home $300 and third place for his nine pound, nine ounce lake trout.

Chris Wright grabbed fourth place and $200 with his nine pound, five ounce catch while Steven Roi took home $100 and fifth place for his eight pound, 15 ounce catch.

In the children’s category, Micheal Wright captured first place and $100 for his eight pound, nine ounce lake trout while Ariel Billyboy took second place with her six pound, 12 ounce catch.

Reports by many locals in and around Likely indicate that the waters have visually cleared up substantially in the area of the lake impacted by the breach.

Of course time will truly the tell the longterm impacts on Quesnel Lake and its watershed following the Mount Polley Mine Breach, but it’s still nice to see the residents who love the lake get back to enjoying it again with campfires on the beach into the night, boating and fishing and picnicking on the shores.

Ironic that just after residents who are most impacted by the mine breach enjoy a successful weekend at the lake, that Friends of Clayoquot Sound put out a call for a rally on Wednesday, May 27 in downtown Vancouver to stop Imperial Metals from reopening its Mount Polley mine.

There is no one more impacted by the breach on a daily basis than the people and businesses in this area who live it every day, and there have been many meetings to try and figure out a way forward in the aftermath.

It seems Friends of Clayoquot Sound have their own agenda in mind, and not that of our area, when they are asking protests to bring their “signs, banners and noise making toys” to 845 Burrard Street in Vancouver.

– Williams Lake Tribune