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Old favourites meet a new generation

GD#5 is into Sherlock Holmes, much to my surprise.

GD#5 is into Sherlock Holmes, much to my surprise.

Apparently it began with Dr. Who,  a British sci-fi series about a 900-plus-year-old time-travelling alien who travels in a police public call box (her description, don’t ask me.)

From Dr. Who she bumbled into a modern-day version of Sherlock. It’s just called Sherlock, and the stories are the originals in modern settings with a twist.

The characters are the same. A handsome, young actor named Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock.

She also reads the original Sherlock Holmes stories and was miffed when she only found one, the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, in the library.

She watches these shows on the Internet and whenever they are on TV. Sherlock will be on Channel 9 in May so I will watch to compare with the Sherlocks I remember.

She also watches Sponge Bob Square Pants on TV. I believe this is what you might call a wide range of interests.

Not to be outdone, GS#3  and some of his friends are into My Little Pony on TV.  I thought  this was little girl stuff but it seems the Generation 4 series is aimed at an older set of both genders. There was a My Little Pony convention in Vancouver recently.  The names of the  ponies are, well, interesting. My favourite is Pinky Pie. Runners up are Fluttershy, Derpy, Scootalo and Twlight Sparkle. (Wasn’t there a girl named Sparkle Plenty in the comics years ago?)

GD#6 and #7 are also into My Little Pony, and they have a number of  little plastic ponies, but they aren’t into Gen. 4.


At the recent open house hosted by Taseko Mines Ltd. to discuss the New Prosperity mine, I  heard someone refer to “sustainable mining.” How does that work? Is there a Rumpelstiltskin out there somewhere who can weave straw into gold? Or copper or whatever?

Diana French is a freelance columnist for the Tribune. She is a former Tribune editor, retired teacher, historian, and book author.