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More mom musings ...

I told you some of my mom’s story last month – her impossible survival at birth –

I told you some of my mom’s story last month – her impossible survival at birth – and I had many interested comments about it so I want to share a few funny bits, too.  We heard many stories over the years about her unique experiences.

One story is about a time my mom, trying desperately to drive and fend off three  overly rambunctious young children in the back seat at the same time, told us very  sternly she would pull over next time she had to tell us to “smarten up.”

We knew right away what she meant and our heads briefly flooded with visions of the strap, (that short length of leather she frequently threatened to use but rarely did).

However, the threat was not enough to stop the shenanigans and, when she got hit by one of the flying “missiles,” she immediately screeched to a stop on the side of the road, reached into her purse and brought out the strap, turning around to give us a well-deserved swat.

At that very moment, the passenger door flew open and into the front seat hopped a breathless, very grubby young man with a big toothless grin.

She had been distracted and not noticed the hitchhiker as she pulled over so imagine her surprise when he jumped, mumbling “thanks, lady.”

He took one look at the strap and said: “thanks, lady” again as he quickly jumped out!

We all howled with laughter at the look on his face!

Another time, when the town minister was visiting, mom turned to scold my sister for being so noisy while they were trying to talk.

To her horror, my sister cringed away like a beaten dog, as if in terror.

The minister gasped and left the house without a word!

Ever after, mom told us, the minister was “extremely cool” to her.   Once, on a trip to Hawaii, she and my cousin were looking out the window of the hotel and noticed a big party going on in the penthouse of the next building.

Looking for adventure (and on a bit of a dare), the two of them went right on over and bluffed their way into the party, waving their drink glasses cheekily at their husbands across the courtyard.

She had a wonderful sense of fun everyone loved.