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MLA’S CORNER: Affordability out of reach under NDP

We are in an affordability crisis that continues to go unaddressed by the NDP government
Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Lorne Doerkson

Compared with the past few years, this summer has been less eventful than usual — and it’s something we have all been thankful for. After years of out-of-control wildfires, heat waves and floods, it’s been nice to have a brief respite from devastating weather events. But conditions can change quickly, and we must all stay vigilant, be fire smart and report any wildfires.

While we have largely experienced a break from the challenges of climate-related events, we cannot say life has been easy. We are in the midst of a province-wide health care crisis, as well as an affordability crisis that continues to go unaddressed by the NDP government.

Whether you live in Vancouver or here in the Cariboo, life is more expensive than ever. The price of groceries, gas, and housing have all skyrocketed in the last few years, and our province is reaching a breaking point.

Recently, I spoke with a constituent who is living in a van, going between recreation sites because they cannot afford the cost of housing. They don’t know what they will do this winter when it becomes too cold to keep living in their van.

People are not just disappointed the NDP has failed to provide any relief — they also feel betrayed by a government that came to power on the promise of “making life more affordable.” By nearly every metric, life has become more expensive under the NDP.

Particularly disappointing is the NDP’s performance on housing. They have fallen far short of their promise to build 114,000 new units of housing and have still not delivered the $400 annual renters’ rebate.

And while it’s frustrating simply on principle to see the NDP abandon their affordability promises, it is even more devastating to see the impact their failures are having on everyday people. British Columbians need to see their government take real action to provide relief — but instead, the NDP repeatedly dodge accountability and blame everyone else for their own mistakes. People deserve better.

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