Mine opposition creates party confusion

Doug Wilson's letter to the editor in response to a recent radio interview with Charlie Wyse.


In a recent radio interview, Williams Lake’s provincial NDP candidate Charlie Wyse said that he had sent a note to Minister of Environment Peter Kent in support of First Nations drumming. I find nothing wrong with those who support people of various persuasions in following what they believe to be fair presentations; everyone should have the right to their opinions and Wyse expressed his on this subject.

Wyse followed up his comments, however, regarding the First Nations drumming by expressing the view and the position of the NDP party regarding the development of the New Prosperity mine. Wyse said that the NDP, as expressed by leader Adrian Dix when he was here in Williams Lake last year, was against the development of the New Prosperity mine.

As the forest industry heads into decline, where many jobs in the greater community will be lost, I find that any position against the development of alternate industry that would in the process develop employment opportunities, whether it be the development of a new mine or otherwise, to be an astounding position for any political party to take.

Taking a position against alternate employment sources, in the Williams Lake Area where the NDP is both generally speaking supported by labour and having at the same time a sincere hope of winning an election, unless I am wrong, is in reality shooting themselves in the foot.

Unless the NDP party is supporting something on the horizon that could offer employment opportunities somewhat equal to what the New Prosperity mine is offering to this community, many people in the community are going to be in a quandary as to whom or whom not to vote for in next year’s coming provincial election.

It is good for the NDP to enunciate their position on issues of importance in communities such as Williams Lake. However, to be against something of this nature and to say it out loud at this time seems like very strange politics to me.

I would say that those who speak up against job creation at a time like this and prior to an election will, without alternate development plans, create confusion within their own party. I for one see life as a matter of give and take.

Being against something without offering something in exchange makes no economic sense.


Doug Wilson

Williams Lake