Message to government rather than pay parents; improve classroom conditions

The average North American family has two children.


The average North American family has two children.

How many British Columbian families fit this profile, with children under the age of 13, is anyone’s guess.

Forty dollars per diem, 20 school days per month, times two children, times however many students under the age of 13 equals big bucks.

The suggestion of Finance Minister Mike de Jong, to use teachers’ September payroll to compensate parents for possible missed school days, has a two-fold purpose: to win over parents to the government side, especially in view of an upcoming election, and to demolish teachers’ attempts to improve learning conditions in the classroom, with perhaps the added result of eliminating the BCTF.

Has it not occurred to anyone in our illustrious government that  a simpler solution would be to invest any surplus in improving classroom conditions, particularly class size and class composition?

Mary Ellison

150 Mile House